Custom Stamps  |  Artwork FAQ

Custom Stamp Artwork

After placing your custom stamp order through the Etsy shop, you will need to email your digital design file to  In the email please include your etsy username and the dimensions for your stamp.  Feel free to contact in advance with any questions regarding your potential design and specifications, including sending along the file for feedback.

'Stamp-ready' Artwork Specifications:

  • black and white only (no grays or colors)
  • high resolution (at least 300 ppi)
  • sized to at least as big as your desired stamp dimensions
  • file formats: .jpg, .pdf, .tif, or .eps


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are my text or graphics too small to turn out well?  Possibly.  Consider first printing out on paper your artwork scaled to the exact size you would like your stamp to be.  If the print out is hard to read because it is too small or the lines are not bold enough, then your stamp will likely turn out that way too!  Lines or dots that are about 3 pixels or thicker are encouraged. That being said, the stamp making process does produce quite detailed images.  Feel free to contact for a consult on your image.


  • Is a stamp ever "too big"?  Honestly, it probably depends on how experienced you are with stamping. It is true that the larger the stamp, the more challenging it can be to get a perfect print every time.  Anything bigger than about 4"x4" would be considered large.  Key considerations include how detailed and fine the design is, the type of ink used, the surface you are printing on, and your printing technique.  Check out the Tips & Troubleshooting page for more information on working with larger stamps.  In some cases, a different type of printing (e.g. screen printing, stenciling, etc) may be more appropriate for your project.


  • Will you create a stamp design for me?  Possibly.  The pricing and current service offered assumes that the customer has 'stamp-ready' artwork to submit with their order.  Limited design services are available for an additional fee ($15+) to do things such as translate a color image into black and white, add text to an existing design, or put together a layout with submitted images.  If you need a stamp design created from scratch, feel free to inquire and projects will be accepted on a case by case basis.


  • What should I do if I have limited design/computer skills?  If your stamp design request is pretty straightforward, please contact for the services described above.  If you want to try creating the file yourself and simply need a text-based stamp, you can use a basic word processing program to create the design with the font, size, and layout you prefer.  Simply save the file as a .pdf and you are finished!   Want to add a graphic?  Check out the for cool icon images to include in your design. These can be downloaded as SVG files and easily dropped into any word processing or image editing software.