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Stamping on Unique Materials

Sure, there are some very creative projects that can come from stamping on paper.  But the fun shouldn't stop there!  With the proper supplies and techniques just about anything can be decorated, embellished, and improved with your Blue Diamond Stamps.

And as always, be sure to practice and experiment before moving to your final piece!


Make a custom sign, drink coaster, or decorative wall piece by using your stamps on a piece of wood.

Stamp:  Owl , Ink:  Palette Hybrid in Burnt Umber , Image Color: colored pencils, Border: acrylic paint

Stamp: Owl, Ink: Palette Hybrid in Burnt Umber, Image Color: colored pencils, Border: acrylic paint

Be sure to first give the wood a quick swipe with sandpaper to remove any burrs and make the surface as smooth and even as possible.  

Dye ink is more likely to travel along the grain and give a feathered appearance, so you will want to use a pigment, hybrid, or other multi-surface ink (or even acrylic craft paint) which will sit on top of the surface.  

When you are done, consider using some type of sealant to provide a durable finish.


Decorate tea towels, muslin bags, pillow cases, clothing, or even a lamp shade by using your stamps on fabric.

Smooth fabrics will work best and pick up on more of the details of your image. Fabrics with more texture will work too, but may be better suited for more simple and bold designs.

Use an ink that is specially designed for fabric or multi-surfaces. Fabric paint and screen printing ink can also be used, although you will likely want to thin it out.

Heat setting is the most important thing you can do to preserve the print and allow it to withstand a wash. Once the ink is dry, use a hot and dry iron on it for about two minutes with scrap fabric or press cloth in between.   


Stamp:  Cherries , Ink: Palette Hybrid in L'Amour Red

Stamp: Cherries, Ink: Palette Hybrid in L'Amour Red

Slick Surfaces (metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc.)

Embellish your mirror, coffee mug, plant pot, or jewelry with your stamps.

Stamp:  Star , Ink:  Palette Hybrid   

Stamp: Star, Ink: Palette Hybrid  

Stamping on non-porous surfaces can be a bit tricky, but using the proper ink and printing technique will help.  

Use a hybrid or multi-surface permanent ink for best results.  

When printing with your stamp, do not press down like you would on paper, but instead pretend you are rolling it on and rock the stamp slightly back and forth to get a good impression.  

The print will likely take quite awhile to dry and some surfaces and inks will need to be heat set with a hair dryer or heat gun to dry completely. 


Clay and ceramics

Leave a unique stamp imprint on your pottery, such as mugs and dishes.

Stamp:  Poodle ,  Dish:  KingHarry

Stamp: Poodle,  Dish: KingHarry

Stamp:  Custom logo  

Stamp: Custom logo 

Blue Diamond Stamps offer a deep relief which allows for creating an impression on a malleable surface such as soft clay.   


Feel free to contact with any questions about using your stamps or other tips you would like to share!

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